2016~2020 China population data, by province

2021/06/22 23:15    Author:Grace Lin


As we know population data, as a basic data, is very important in many researches. This excel file collected the population by province during 2016~2020. It will definitely save you huge amount of time and energy. With this data, you can have more time on real data analysis and avoid boring data collection.

Sample data

2016年 2017年 2018年 2019年 2020年
Guangdong 104.3 Guangdong 111.7 Guangdong 113.5 Guangdong 115.2 Guangdong 126.0
Shandong 95.8 Shandong 100.1 Shandong 100.5 Shandong 100.7 Shandong 101.5
Henan 94.0 Henan 95.6 Henan 96.1 Henan 96.4 Henan 99.4

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